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Semi-Automatic Heat Transfer Machine - SP 12

Techno Print specializes in the design and production of custom hot stamp and heat transfer foil decorating machines.

We have a broad range of performance oriented hot stamping machines, which are considered for their premium performance and efficiency.

The machine model SP 12 is an easy-going machine for Hot Stamping, it uses a heated roller to apply decorative foil or heat transfer decals to medium cylindrical, flat or slightly contoured surfaces. This machine had wide acceptance in the household, pet/jar/bottle, home appliances, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and stationary decoration printing industries.

This machine is a single mandrel machine and works up to 05 parts per minute*. The product is loaded manually and automatically ejected after the printing cycle. Being a single mandrel machine the set-up time is very less and tooling cost is minimized.

A wide range of part sizes can be accommodated and the starting position of the product can be set precisely as desired.

It has the ability to decorate directly from the moulding process with front-mounted operator interface The machine SP 12 provides brilliant, multi-coloured graphics with "no label" look, where decoration appears to be part of the container


SR.No. Parameters Units SP 12
1 Power Consumption KW 3
2 Stamping Temp (Range) 0C 30 - 350
3 Printing Pressure Kgf 350
4 Printing Dimension (Round) inch 12"Ø x 8"H
5 Printing Dimension (Flat) inch 8"H x 12"L
6 Linear Printing Speed inch/s 6
7 Printing Output** pcs/min At Actuals
8 Power Requirement - 230V; 1Ø; 50Hz
9 Machine Dimension (L x B x H) inch 44 x 36 x 68
10 Package Dimension (L x B x H) inch 50 x 42 x 76
11 Net Weight Kg 220
12 Gross Weight Kg 370

Key Features

The machine is known for the high performance, simple operation and low maintenance.

Overall power consumption is up to 40% less, related to conventional machines.

Precise foil advance system which can be adjusted to enable the operator to locate the foil at the correct position.

Operator-friendly graphical display for rapid parameter adjustment.

Front panel speedy control to set ideal head travel speeds, stamping pressure, and foil stripping condition

Convenient and easy stroke length adjustment for rapid setup.

Accurate, repeatable cycling for minimal foil waste.

Optimum Performance and Transfer Quality from job to job.

Special provision are made to avoid damage of silicone roller in case of power failure.

Construction Features

This Heat transfer machine is pneumatically operated and has micro-controlled based control system.

For precise temperature control the machine is equipped with PID temperature controller.

Rugged cast iron frame provides high repeatability, while modular design permits easy adaptation to oversize parts.

The machine is rugged yet compact in construction.

State-of-the-Art Technology for product orientation and Hot Stamping Process.

All machined components are coated for long-term protection.

The vertical movement of the stamping head is guided by precision ground S.S. guide rods and phosphor bronze bushes.

The to and fro movement of the carriage housing of the digit wheel is guided in hardened & precision ground and plated guide rods and linear bearings.

This machine uses German made infrared ceramic heaters, for better Performance and long life.

All major Electronic Control System components are from reputed manufacturers like Omron, Selec, Schneider Electric, Laptron, etc.

All major Pneumatic System components are from reputed manufacturers like Festo, Janatics, etc.

Optional Attachments

Flat stamping attachment

Semi-automatic part loading system

Fully automatic part loading system

Semi-automatic ejecting system

Fully automatic ejecting system

Image / Dot sensor for foil

Vacuum Pump for holding the product

Auto Blow Ejecting System

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