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Kids Products

Kids Products

  • Techno Print India offers hot stamping and heat transfer foil decorating machines which provides advanced capabilities for reduced setup time, high reliability, efficiency, smooth and quiet operation, and simplified troubleshooting.
  • Kids product and its decoration is the first attraction to kids and their loved ones, therefore, it has to look soothing, beautiful and impressive
  • Most of the leading brands in Kids item have taken on this new technology and are reaping the reward in the industry.
  • Pantone shades/ Multicolour/ Half tone/ High resolution photo image printing in a single operation which makes the product look attractive with vibrant artworks.
  • Metallic Gold and Silver Finishing Provides a unique look to your product.
  • Processors can select from varied gold to bronze tones, high-gloss to matte silk and a large selection of matte and gloss pigment foils
  • We have the advanced technology, skills and above all we have an inclination to give you the best available options.
  • Techno Print India offers an economic, environmental friendly heat transfer and hot stamping process for your industry.
  • This heat transfer and hot stamping technology reduces setup time, provides quiet and smooth operation, is incredibly reliable and offers simple troubleshooting.
  • Link up with us and enhance your products beauty with the amazing impression of fantastic forms and colours.

Machine of Kids Customer Application

Hot Foil Stamping Machine SP 6

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Model : SP 06

Heat Transfer Machine SP 12

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Model : SP 12

Heat Transfer Machine SP 16

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Model : SP 16